Thursday, July 5, 2012

sorry, june!

Wow. Never in the four-year history of Cookie Mondays have I let an ENTIRE MONTH go by without saying hello.  I feel so lame and so guilty about blogging.  Summer is supposed to be lazy and I feel busier than ever.  I wish the ol' blog wasn't so low on the endless priority list.

But it's all my fault.  This is a great article.  My busyness is completely self-imposed, but it's how I thrive.  How about you? I have over 40 banners to finish in the next two weeks, and we're off to family summer vacay number two this weekend!  Plus parties.  You KNOW there are always multiple future parties dancing around in my brain.

All four 'C's and Mr. CM are fabulous.  I promise (I think) to be back before we see AUGUST.  Visit me here if you'd like!  I miss you, and hope we can still be friends.