Wednesday, April 25, 2012

smoothies & choo-choos, and a little confusion!

Well, I was gonna write about how SPROUT oatmeal with roasted cinnamon applesauce baby food makes a scrumptious addition to your morning smoothie.  Seriously so good. 

But being the super awesome blogger that I am, finally logged in to blogger after a couple weeks to find all this new totally foreign craziness?!

What is up with this new format that has been forced upon us?  Who loves it?  Any tricks or tips?  I'm so confused...

Cole and Thomas say, HELP US OUT!


Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13 said...

I love that Cole has three straws in his glass. :)

And yeah, I'm not a fan of the new layout, but I'm sure I won't even notice once I get used to it.

~ko said...

Ive been completely befuddled by the new layout. I'm hoping it will feel normal soon, because it's not helping with my writers block! Love the idea for the smoothie by the way. Looks delish!