Friday, March 2, 2012

my kitchen floor gets a lot of action.

Monday: My clean-freak husband couldn't accept the fact that we were out of dishwasher detergent, and decided he'd solve the problem with "just a little" ultra-concentrated dish soap. Yeah, Kevin doesn't do anything on a little scale. I'm pretty confident he filled both soap dispensers to the brim. Clean-up was fun!

Thursday: Cole is obsessed with cracking eggs. (And it's not limited to our kitchen floor. Let's just say Cole and egg cartons must never ride in the grocery cart at the same time.) I'm lucky to have caught him after two eggs this time.

There is a very sweet mom from Camden's class who constantly comments that she doesn't get how I "have it so all together." After laughing (and wondering if she can actually see my sweats and half blown dry scraggly hair) I always reassure her that I indeed do not. Like, at all.

{Created by my friend Julie. She's so smart.}

80: Percentage of time I choose sewing over laundry (possibly 90). And my laundry pile is not small. And remember, I have a clean-freak husband.
33: Percentage of the likelihood of an argument occurring somewhere in our house, at any given time.
1: Number of days per week I even open my make-up drawer.
3: Number of days per week I choose comfort over cuteness... in the form of sweats or leggings. Those 'What I Wore Wednesday' people? Hate 'em all I'm sorta jealous.
20: Percentage of bills filling my mailbox that I definitely can't afford to pay.

My kitchen floor gets a lot of action, and many nights I go to bed way too tired to even sweep up the mess. But most nights I go to bed happy! Blogging has a way of making it really easy to compare and envy. But no matter how much

Don't be afraid to be you.
(Just a reminder.)

Happy weekend!


Alzbeta said...

One time my mom accidentally did that when she was visiting... not because she didn't know you couldn't, her brain just told her that it *was* the dishwasher detergent! hehe, we giggled a lot, because in her 60-some years, this was the first time she had done it! We used the salt method to deal with the suds :). (and I think I remember something about some vinegar as well? That part I don't remember, but the salt worked beautifully.)

Amy said...

I was just thinking some of these same things today! The comparing/envying/thinking others have it all together part. I love Julie's sign. So, so true! Thanks for the reminder! :)

Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13 said...

Kevin and Cole are quite the pair. :)

And both are lucky to have you!

Kelly said...

I get that a comment a lot from people too and it makes me laugh. I had a sweet friend say that to me last week and I told her she needs to spend 24 hours with me, at my house with all the kids, and she would feel very differently :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

This is a great post! I am SO guilty of comparing myself to others (bloggers, mostly) and feeling like there's no way I could ever measure up.

Christina said...

I read the percentages and the rest of the post. Maybe you don't have it "all" together - but you've definitely got it goin' on! It is clear from your blog posts that you love your family, spend time to make sure they know it, and have a close group of friends. The laundry/bills/makeup seem pretty insignificant compared to that. :-) (I assume I am the "very sweet mom" - if that's the case, thanks!)

Shon said...

Whew! Thank you, so much for this sweet reminder!! I keep trying to live in this space and this reminder is so timely!;)

Jill Franklin said...

Absolutely...great post! Have a great weekend!

~ko said...

Found you through Under The Sycamore and love love love your blog! What an excellent post :)

Patti said...

Hi, can I repost the rainbow saying to my blog?

Patti said...

Hi can I repost the rainbow saying to my blog?