Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall tastes so good!

If you don't have a Trader Joe's, I am so sorry! Looking through my pantry, it is clear that I'm a seasonal food fan. And Trader Joe's SPOILS us in the Fall! Here are just a few treats you'll find in our house this month... Amanda even told me this morning she sent Bobby to work with a TJ's pumpkin cheesecake from the frozen aisle. Must've missed that one! What are your Fall must-haves?

The other day on Pinterest, I saw a 'Favorite Things' party idea: Each guest picks a favorite product ($6 or under) and brings five of them to the party. In a nutshell, everyone draws names and ends up going home with five awesome little things. So fun! Trader Joe's seasonal goodies would be perfect for this- during any season! My mom hosts an ornament exchange every December, but I think a favorite things exchange would be a cool alternative one year.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

iso & aperture & shutter speed... oh my!

Last month I finally took the plunge and clicked my DSLR onto 'M'(anual)! Thanks to Ashley Ann's AWESOME online SnapShop, I actually understand what each of those terms above mean! It is so enlightening!

Learning to shoot in manual is definitely like learning a foreign language. Yesterday Chloe asked me if it is hard to learn to drive a car, and I explained that it was really a just matter of mastering a combination of several components, and that with practice it eventually becomes second nature... I thought to myself that photography is very similar. Composition plus the right camera settings is a lot to master in the short window you have to point and shoot, trying to capture every day moments. But just like with any new skill, Ashley emphasizes the importance of practice, practice, PRACTICE!

I still have a long way to go, and of course I already have a lenses wish list. Here's a little peek at my first "practice" session since the SnapShop... so go easy on me. Who better to practice on than a very cooperative and cute newborn?!

After taking these on Saturday, Kayla regretted not being in any of the shots, so we threw together a last-minute family shoot on Sunday! Another day to snuggle my new niece? No argument. We arrived at this field with about ten minutes of sunlight left.

Stella says, "Who is the crazy lady with the camera in my face every day of my week-long life?"