Monday, June 27, 2011


After getting to know Heather Hamilton a little bit through her blog, I knew I needed her in charge of totally updating my blog design. She. is. AWESOME! This new design is exactly what I had envisioned. She took my many crazy requests and created perfection. I LOVE it. Thank you so much, Heather!!!

{{{ is now officially!}}}

Oh, and the 'shop' button up in the right corner? Coming to Etsy later this summer...

Friday, June 24, 2011

must be summer! {week 2}

monday: swimming lessons

tuesday: thank goodness for AC.

wednesday: sunbathing spectators {ten months today!}

thursday: nightlights

friday: slippin' & slidin'

Friday, June 17, 2011

must be summer! {week 1}

monday: water & dirt

tuesday: late afternoon nap

wednesday: chloe's famous pancakes

thursday: garden hose

friday: juice box slushies

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the creamy filling

Brace yourself: the mystery behind Camden's birthday dessert is about to be revealed.
Nope, it's not ice cream. Sandwiched between these gigantic chocolate chip cookies is a ridiculous amount of the following deliciousness:

Cream Cheese Buttercream (sounds super creamy, huh?)

6 oz. softened cream cheese

half a stick of softened unsalted butter
box of powdered sugar

1 T. good vanilla
pinch of salt

Dump in your mixer and blend until smooth and... creamy!

Perfect piped or plopped on just about anything. I have actually spread this on a piece of french bread for a late night snack. Better than butter!

And there you have it. Creamy chocolate chip cookie sandwiches.

In related news, I am officially raising a baked goods snob. Chloe had her end-of-the-year class party today, aka pizza & cake. Her response when I asked her how it went?

"UGH. I had ONE bite of the cake. It was one of those cakes you get at the store. Gross."

I have no idea where she gets it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

happy 30th tegan!!

Tegan is the best friend one could ever hope to have in their life.
I am so sad not to be celebrating with her today!
But, I suppose we did a lifetime of celebrating those crazy years we lived together.
Because, really, how can you top pink streamered suburbans, limo adventures, black licorice cocktails, or... candy g-strings? You can't.

If you aren't a Tegan fan yet, go follow her now! She's too awesome not to.
Happy, happy birthday!