Tuesday, May 17, 2011

upcycled pillow

I heart pillow making. After discovering this tutorial with Meg and the girls a few months ago, button-up shirt pillows are my new favorite, next to envelope-style closures. I'll never ever go back to zippered or non-removable covers.

Using one of your husband's old shirts (or Old Navy clearance rack) provides an instant pocket for stuffing in the pillow form, and eliminates most of the sewing work!

With this particular ruffle pillow, the knit ruffles can come from an old tee as well, so pretty much the project is FREE.

Of course, I'm partial to turquoise ruffled anything, but you know Kevin's been in the room...

When you find it like this. He actually set it up like that for the picture. Such a dork.

On another note, my blog has been so neglected lately. Sad face. Life is BUSY!
Summer is oh. so. close. I cannot wait.
And big changes around here are coming... soon. Happy face! Stay tuned.