Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Recap {Fair Fun!}

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It was an unforgettable Summer of parties, trips, and weddings... and most of it went undocumented here. I enjoyed being in the moment with family and friends, chasing a growing baby, most days without a moment to spare. Even simply uploading a photo a day in my 'must be summer' series eventually became too much! The Autumn equinox is always bittersweet... Summer is my very favorite, and yet thoughts of scarves and fall baking are growing more welcoming by the day. So here we are in the final week, and I couldn't just let some of Summer '11's best memories sit filed in the computer, without sharing a few.

Fair fun will kick off Summer Recap week! The County Fair is one of the first things we look forward to once school gets out. And it is SO nice living within walking distance. My parents (aka Mimi & Gramps) joined the fun this year! This was probably Chloe's last year before being way too cool for the kiddie rides. Chayse is still weary of almost any amusement park ride (his expression says it all in the first two shots). And Camden is our little daredevil- throwing a fit at each line she's too short for (which is most!)... until it came to the 'big kid' rollercoaster that I had to ask the attendant to stop to let her off. Nothing beats tiny baby farm animals, chocolate-dipped soft serve, or money-wasting carnival games. It was a good day.

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