Wednesday, September 28, 2011

feel better pops

Cold & flu season... hooray! Here's a little secret that's sure to soothe sore little throats and cool down warm bodies.

Citrus-Honey-Ginger Pops

fresh juice of 6 limes

about 1/4 cup honey (or to taste)
1 cup water
1 or 2-inch piece of fresh ginger root, peeled and sliced

Bring all ingredients to a low boil, then simmer 10 minutes.

Allow to cool completely, then transfer mixture to an ice cube tray.
About two hours into the freezing process, add lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks to each cube.
Freeze a few more hours, or overnight.

Enjoy as often as needed!

When my family is sick, I treat symptoms as naturally as possible. These pops are great because they are medication and sugar-free, but all of the ingredients have natural healing properties. And they are refreshing and delicious! When Camden was sick last week, I snuck a few when she wasn't looking!


Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13 said...

After trying every ginger product out there when I was nauseated during the first trimester, just the thought of ginger makes me want to vomit-- but I bet I could get Matt to make some of these for Mason.

Trish said...

sounds yummy... i will have to try it. trying to be more creative when i cook and so this would be a good excuse to buy ginger root. :) i think i know what it looks like :)

Vicky said...

What a great idea! This is Vicky from MOPS. I was finally going through my email and saw you had a blog and came over to check it out. I LOVE it! Your pictures are gorgeous! I am a new follower! Vicky @

Mrs. Kirbyface said...

Such a great idea!!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

i have all these ingredients in my kitchen at the moment, AND two out of the four of us are sick! somehow i'm making that sound like GOOD news, but all the more reason to make these. :) thanks.