Sunday, February 6, 2011

what not.

Have you heard of fan kiwis?

Yeah, me either. But when I asked the lady at the farmer's market (and I quote): "What is up with your kiwis?!" She insisted they were a special variety. They were organic... they were 75 cents each... so why not? I do find it slightly sketchy that I can't find a thing about them online. Hmmm.

Superbowl Sunday...

Somehow Heather and I left all the kids home with Kevin and Tony while we shopped, then crafted. (Crafted?) We also managed to rack up a $75 take-out bill... for just pizza. Oh, and we promised the guys that recording the game while they picked up the pizza would be fine. How were we to possibly predict the DVR was too full, and the final two minutes would be cut off?

I thought my (new) vintage doilies were antique white.

Turns out they were full of antique filth. Ashley told me I'd be surprised at the color change after a good OxiClean soak. She wasn't lying.

Oh, the sunshine? It was in the 70's today. Sorry, snowed-in people!

Guess who can sit up?!

Just long enough to realize he needs to get those toes back in his mouth ASAP. Yes, I am aware they look more like fingers.

Happy birthday, Holly!

My favorite Christmas gift this year was from my Secret Santa, my sister Holly. First off, how could you not get excited by an Anthro box? But I never imagined it'd be this cool frame with a photo of when we were probably two and four. I love it. And I can actually remember wearing those PJs! Thanks for the awesome haircuts, Mom!

[happy sunday!]


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Those kiwis did not look like fans! ;)
And my dvr cut off the last ten minutes of Glee. Tony said it was Super Bowl karma.
That pizza was good, but not $75 good.
Fun day today!

Trish said...

funny... I had the same haircut when I was little. oy.

AshleyAnn said...

It's not baking soda and vinegar, but that OxiClean does crazy things to doilies! I can't wait to see what you do with all that stuff you scored!

becca jordan said...

just started following. jealous of your doilies... i seem to never be able to find good ones at my junk/antique shops. have fun! :)

Danielle said...

The sun was so nice yesterday. Sounds like you had a great superbowl Sunday!

Laura said...

that kiwi looks a little bit like an asshole. right?

and your baby has had me craving another baby all weekend long...

Mimi said...

I miss those jammies...and those times! (But I do not miss that sofa!!)
Happy Birthday Holly!

Lorilee said...

The kiwis look like they were crowded and grew together! I was super lucky and inherited a sweater box full of doilies made by my husbands grandmother! Our DVR kept freezing up during the game, so we gave up and wathced "Julie and Julia" on Net Flix.

Mirys + Guigo + Nina said...

These cookies looked so great... could you please share the recipe with brazilian people??? (we are not used to cookies here and I´d love to try some... probably I´ll make a mess of my kitchen with the other 2 musketeers!).

And I just LOVED the pic of you and your sister!!! So adorable!!!

Kisses and blessings
Mirys (from Brazil)
The mother musketeer!!!