Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordful Wednesday

"But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and livestock with him in the boat. He sent a wind to blow across the earth, and the floodwaters began to recede."
Genesis 8:1

God remembered. He remembers.
No matter how long the storm- days, months, years...
No matter how high the flood...
God will remember.


Tegan Aubrie said...

Yes, He does.

Thanks for the reminder. :)

Kimberlee said...

Love this.
God remembers me.
I'm taking this into today.
Thank you.

Raining Pearls said...

Needed this today, it's stormy in my worl today but I trust He will remember me. Thanks for the reminder :)

katherine said...

Waiting for our rainbow here in Australia.

joyinhim said...

Thank you - I needed that today.

Mirys + Guigo + Nina said...

Dear Heather:

Thank you so much for remind me of that!!! God remember! What a great "new"!!!

I´ve been crossing a period very hard although I´m a happy person (isnt´ it one of the gifts of the holly spirit, the joy, the hapiness?) and, sometimes, I think I´m all by myself...

It´s so good to remember I´m NOT!!!

I´m a reader of Ashley´s blog (that how I found you) and I just loved your blog! You have just get a new reader for you too!!!

Kisses and blessings.
Mirys - from Brazil
and from