Wednesday, May 19, 2010

three tomatoes and a bell pepper

{in the garden: weeks one & two}

I have been waiting for months to get this organic veggie garden going!

It is our first Spring with space big enough for planting. Kevin made me a perfect raised bed from pressure treated wood, then completely lined it with redwood (because I'm paranoid).

I waited as close to May Day as possible to start planting. Most of the plants we raised from little baby seedlings, which came from our local Farmer's Market. The kids each got some in their Easter baskets that they are "in charge" of.

Lots of sun hit the first week:

During the second week, I added branches along the fence for the peas to climb, plus a few more of my favorite herbs in with the basil & thyme.

We officially have:

  • Chayse's bell peppers (orange; red)
  • cucumber (burpless)
  • hot peppers (banana; serrano)
  • peas
  • Chloe's strawberries
  • Camden's tomatoes (early girl; juliet; roma)
  • zucchini

  • basil
  • chives
  • cilantro
  • lavender
  • rosemary
  • thyme

  • The growth is already really noticeable:

    I literally shrieked when I found this:
    (as of now we have 3 tiny tomatoes and a bell pepper)

    I found the coolest vintage spoon garden markers here:

    The herbs are so fragrant and already in use.
    I can't wait to use this basil with those tomatoes:

    The peas I planted along the fence are special. I saved them from the seed packets we handed out at the Cora's Playground Dedication last September. I was so excited when they began to sprout:

    I think my thumb is a little greener.


    Polka Dot Moon said...

    Fabulous garden! When we lived in Benicia we had a lovely garden with my favorite "sun gold" tomatoes! And what my hubby referred to as his "vineyard" 3 Cabernet vines.

    Sadly enough, we were told that last year the owners tore out our lovely raised garden bed and vines :(

    My tomatoes here are not looking so hot.....think it's TOO hot where I planted them. boo.

    nicole viola said...

    wow, looking good! love that spoon marker!

    {Amy} said...

    oh, that is some good lookin' basil! isn't it the most exciting thing to grow your own organic food and you know whee it really came from? love this...and love the spoon markers, so cool!

    Jamie said...

    Your garden looks great and I love those spoon markers. Adorable!

    Just wondering... What font is that you used on your garden photos?

    By the way... I am a lurker. Sorry for not leaving a comment before now. *blush*

    Jenn said...

    Love the spoon marker! We cannot grow very much up here....onions, currants and tomatillos and berries is about it....and the deer, skunks and porcupines get all the berries :(

    Recycling Mom said...

    The raised beds are great, they always make gardens look so organized!