Friday, April 30, 2010

belly update

tee by Marta

  • I survived my glucose test... and was well within the normal range. Yay!

  • Baby C is active ALL. THE. TIME.

  • Belly is measuring right on target!

  • My weight, however, is slightly out of control. I have already gained 27 lbs. (almost a third of my normal body weight and more than the grand total gained during my last pregnancy); 9 lbs. in the last three weeks alone. With 16 weeks to go... yikes!

  • I may or may not be typing this with one hand, with a large iced mocha with extra whip in the other hand. Seriously, I don't know where the extra weight is coming from!


    Sewing date tonight with Heather & Mel. Whoo-hoo!

    And, don't forget about Queen Bee tomorrow, San Diegans!


Tegan and Tage said...

Love that belly! I don't think people understand how much baby that amounts to on you though. You need to take a picture standing next to, say, Chloe. Then one with Kevin. That will put things in perspective.

Have fun tonight! I'm in next time, for sure.

Sarah said...

Love the belly shot. Adorable.

nicole viola said...

I'm going to queen bee! love your self-belly-portrait. :)

TDM Wendy said...

Can't wait to see you next week at MOPS!
All 99 pounds of you. 1/3 of your body weight? I could totally beat you up girl just in case you were wondering. I am 5'1" but I think I still weigh three times as much as you.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

love the belly!

excited for our sewing date!

text me (woot woot for texting!) if you need a large iced mocha with extra whip tonight - it's on me!

Lesley said...

You look fantastic...I totally understand though....I'm at almost 30 weeks and have gained 35...not sure if I'll be able to walk at 40 weeks at this rate....Love your belly though...too cute!

Trish said...

Well regardless of what you say, the doctor might say or the scales say! YOU ARE ADORABLE!!!

Me on the other hand think I've topped my husbands weight... he's tall but not stocky, but still. Gonna need to whip this butt into shape come August!

Mindy M. Harris said...

you are so cute! I don't see where the 27 lbs has gone!

crush. blog said...

Lol what a fun post! You look great in this belly shot - enjoy it!!

Aurora said...

Too cute! I hear you on the weight gain. I am currently at the weight I was at the end of Avery's pregnancy...with 12 weeks to go! Yikes!

Kimmie @ live fancy. said...

I love your belly.

The end.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I had so much Friday night. And, you look GREAT! The belly is even cuter in person!

Laura said...

my belly is just as big.
only there is no baby.
just a vanilla latte, chips, salsa, and the occasional cupcake.

Amy said...

you look adorable. With my first 2 babies I gained 29 lbs. With my 3rd, I gained 40 lbs. FOURTY!

I keep thinking I'm going to run into you around town here. I'm still debating on whether I will say anything to you if I do! How would Kevin feel if a stranger came up to him and asked "aren't you Mr Cookie Mondays?" =)

meg duerksen said...

cute cute cute!
i am jealous.