Monday, March 1, 2010

maternity refashions

Just in the last few days, I have come across some really good DIY maternity clothes ideas.
I don't know why I have been so stubborn about buying maternity clothes this time around. I think I am just in denial about already having outgrown everything.
(...I write as I sit with my pants fully unbuttoned & unzipped, yet still uncomfortable.)
I need to suck it up and use these tutorials, so I no longer have to suck it in.

stretch knit pregnancy band
smashed peas and carrots

big tee to maternity tee
homemade by jill

button up shirt
homemade by jill

maternity pants
grosgrain fabulous


Lindsey said...

You know you will look great no matter what you put on! Let's see some belly shots!!! :)

kkmom said...

Give in Heather, they have cute clothes out now! Try target and old navy... then you won't feel like you are breaking the bank ( shop motherhood sales). love ya!

Natalie said...

Its hard to buy maternity clothes. Most of them dont fit right, especially if you are all leg like me. The rest of them are trying way to hard to be cute. If I was crafty I would try making a few of my own!

LeAnna said...

Love the idea of the ruched big t! I just found out I'm preggers with #2, and it's going to be a completely different season then the last time, so I may have to try that out!

lila.oquin said...

Oh cool! I think we have the same due date... August 17. I noticed your babystrology ticker. :)
Cute maternity ideas!

Feathers From Our Nest said...

What a great idea. I will have to share these ideas with my prego sister.

Feathers From Our Nest said...
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Jenna said...

cute maternity ideas. love the rouched top.

Catherine said...

Love these ideas and they are all much needed at this time. ;) I've also found this: which I have done and loved! Super easy too.