Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wardrobe details.

for those of you who asked about the different patterns I used...

Chayse's hat
Found the simple tutorial at Mushroom Villagers.

Girls' dresses
The Portabellopixie 'Claire' peasant dress by Sandi Henderson.
I added ruffles to Camden's sleeves, and pom-pom trim to the bottom.

Kevin's tie
Used these basic instructions.

and my skirt
I winged it, but it couldn't be easier.

length: approximate measurement from waist to knee, taking into consideration adding coordinating strips at the bottom (include that in the total length)

width: 2 full 44" widths (by total length) sewn together to make a fat tube

hem the bottom

make a casing for 1/4" elastic at the top

shir along the entire waistband, rows 1/4" apart
(I made 10 rows, but I am really short)

slide in the elastic & stitch casing closed

steam shirring & you're done!

Now, who else is going to be a nerd and coordinate the outfits of every single family member? I wonder how many more years I can pull this off.


Jessica said...

I think you all look great!
I color coordinated our family outfits only because I'm not good at sewing. I'm attempting to make my first dress for Ava because she's resorted to only wearing dresses with pockets.

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

love it all!

Tegan and Tage said...

Definitely making that hat for Mase. Too cute!

kkmom said...

Knowing you and your artsy family of yours... the rest of your life!

小氣 said...


Trish said...

so stinkin' cute!!!!
i want that hat that chayse is wearing :)

Laura said...

I winged it, but it couldn't be easier...

yeah, right. Let me tell you, YOUR winging it is WAYYYY better than MY winging it!
I told many people at school about your blog the day your awesome Christmas photo was posted!

We no longer match our outfits, because I simply can't get my act together. I DO try to have coordinating colors though.

You are adorable by the way.

Polka Dot Moon said...

I WISH I had that much talent in my pinkie ;)

Adorable pictures!! Your skirt is perfect.....I'm really short as well.

Mimi said...

Its in the genes....

Cherry Tree Lane said...

all of it is so stinkin' cute! Love it!