Monday, November 16, 2009

Scarf Along | Week One

Class is officially in session.
Thank you for doing this with me,
I'm so glad you're here!
When Julie suggested I take this on, I just laughed...
but here we are!

This is a really simple project that can be done in an afternoon.
In fact, when I decided to make scarves for Julie's girls, I just started cutting and sewing, without much planning involved.
It's the same method we used for the quilt along, just on a smaller scale, and minus the quilting!

So, here we go.
We'll do this over just two weeks.
This week: gathering supplies.
Next week: making scarves.
See? Simple.

Since you are already pro seamstresses, this will all sound familiar, right?
You need:

self-healing mat
large ruler/straight-edge
rotary cutter (fresh blade!)
sewing machine
steam iron

Let's go fabric shopping!
You will need {6} half-yard cuts in different patterns to make 3 scarves.
The busier, the better.
For this particular method, I think it looks so much better to mix and match funky, bright patterns, rather than using anything close to solid.

And guess what? I already have some options for you!
Stephanie of Material Gal has so generously put together {and pre-discounted!} some bundles for you. Check it out!

You can find these under the SCARF ALONG BUNDLES section in her awesome shop.
You can even build your own, using the endless possibilities she has to offer.

Go visit Material Gal!

...But don't forget your dingle balls!
You'll need 1 yard of pom-pom trim.
This is a great resource for trims.

Consider this your fair warning:
Snagging the whole supply of the aqua pom-poms is a great way to get yourself expelled!
Those babies are mine.

And there you have it!
You have one week to get your yummy fabric & trim,
change the blade on your rotary cutter,
and gear up for a scarf-makin' good time.
You necks will soon thank you.

But before you leave, please leave me a comment, so I know how many are scarfing-along! And feel free to blog about it! We need to get this class full!
Please join our Flickr group to share photos of progress, and discuss tips, ideas, and questions!

Oh, and did I mention a giveaway awaits?

By the way, if you already bought your 9 fat quarters for the Joy's Hope Scarf Along, then decided to do this one instead, and you don't want to buy more fabric... email me or check out the discussions in the Flickr group! We'll make it work with what you have.

Now, I have some cookie-baking to attend to.
See you next Monday!


Aurora said...

Yay! I can't's so cute & what great Christmas gifts!! Question for it pieced together on both sides? Do you think I could do fleece on the back to make it a little more snuggly??

Natalie said...

I am so joining you on this one!!! Must go get my fabric now.

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

The sample photo does, in fact have fleece on the back. For the tutorial, I'm using regular fabric, but it's not piecey like the front. Feel free to go with fleece; you'll need one yard, 44" wide.

Beth said...

my email link is not working. arghh! i bought 11 fat quarters from 'material gal' for julie's version on 'joy's hope', but was wanting to do this version. could you email the adjustments i'll need to make? purdy please?!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

I'm not advanced enough yet to take this class so I'm enrolled at Joy's Hope, but I had to tell you that I seriously laughed at my computer screen when I read "get your dingle balls". I call them the same thing!! too funny!

Jordan said...

Do you have to be an advanced seamstress to do this? I am a beginner but would love to participate. Let me know. Thanks!

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

No, of course not. All the "pro" talk is totally just a joke. Simple, straight lines here! Please join us :)

Salinda said...

I'm following along too! I have can't wait to see all the scarves everyone comes up with.

Nicole M said...

i am right here with you girlfriend!! how exciting to do this scarf a long. sounds like a great time!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

SO not doing this with you, but how flippin cute is the girly forest bundle?! In love!!

Good luck, ladies! I can't wait to see all of your beautiful creations!

Catherine said...

I'm excited! Perfect Christmas presents. :) Now, I get to go shopping for fabric. Yippee!!

Sherryl said...

Yay, yay, yay! I'm trying it!

Tanya said...

I'm very much wanting to try it but very much intimidated as well! This is my non-commital way of saying I have the best of intentions of doing this! :o)

Amy Priddy :||: Priddy Creations said...

Super excited to join in! Thanks for hosting. I am in a "sewing slump" and am hoping your sew-along will get me inspired!

Kristin said...

Yeah, I am excited! I also participated in the Quilt Along so i am so excited it's a similar technique. I have a purchased some fat quarters from MaterialGal, but will check out the flickr group to make it work. I am always up for buying more fabric though. : )

Carrie said...

What a fun project. I have just one question - I am an experienced sewer and would love to do the honors scarf, however I already bought the eight fat quarters. Can I adapt to your pattern?

3kids2jobs1dog said...

OK, so I have three daughters and I usually knit them a new scarf every year for Christmas, but I am thinking this will be new and fun and exciting. And in case you didn't pick up on me talking myself into it, that was it. I'm a lil nervous...not exactly a seamstress. Now I have to choose a bundle that all three will like. That might by the hard part. Ok, so officially count me in.

Polka Dot Sally said...

Did you just say, "don't forget your dingle balls"? This class may be too advanced for me! :)

The Crooked Shed said...

I'm going to do it but I'm a total beginner. You have to start somewhere right??

Michell Page Morgan said...

Heather - I am Ready - Got my Fat Quarters today. But I have a quick question - I got the 9 Fat quarters but what about the back side of the scarf? I got 2 yards of Red "Dingle balls" yahhoooooo Xmas gifts here we come!

Michell Page Morgan said...

Heather I cant figure out on FLICKER how to download my material ..?hmmmm OK I am puter Illetirate!

Reynolds11103 said...

These are gorgeous! I am excited to get started!! Thanks for hosting!!

Karamat said...

Sounds fun! I might be tardy to class, but I'll join in the fun.

AuroraBorieAlice said...

I am a new follower and spent a good 3 hours reading thru your blog!!! You are FUN!!!

Joanna said...

I'm new to your blog, but I love it and want to join in on the scarf along. So, count me in. (I'm new to flicker, too, but I'll give it a try.)

Joanna said...

DUH! Am I late or what! I just noticed the date on the scarf thing, and I realize my mistake. But I will go ahead and make it on my own. Thank y