Monday, November 9, 2009

can they please stay this innocent forever?

Each of these three said/asked something this weekend that had me cracking up. It's so funny to think about how their little minds work.

First, after Camden's daily dose of The Wizard of Oz, Chloe asked me, "A long time ago did people used to be black & white in real life or just in movies?"

Tinkerbell is also huge in our house right now. So when Camden was darting across the room last night over and over-with a few leaps in the mix- she finally got frustrated, crossed her arms, and grumbled, "I can't fly 'cause I can't put my two foots in the air! I need wings!" Then stomped away.

Finally, the big kids and I were talking about Christmas lists, and the meaning of Christmas.
me: "Do you remember whose birthday is on Christmas?"
Chayse: "Santa."
{Chloe giggles. I remind him.}
Chayse: "Does everybody celebrate Jesus' birthday?"
me: "Lots of people."
Chayse: "What about people in France? 'Cause they eat dead snails."

Oh, how I wish these were the biggest topics on my mind!


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

SO sweet!! I love the precious, innocent things that kids say! not too long ago Leila said something similar about needing wings. : )

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

oh, and I especially love the black and white comment!! Way too funny!

Sarah said...

So sweet and innocent.
I love the questions and comments kids have to say about a range of topics!

Especially enjoyed the question about whether people were black and white just in the movies or in real life!

Sew Impatient said...

Haha! The things kids say!
My mom kept a journal with all the funny things we said as kids. Its great to look back on and laugh!

mel said...

SO cute! the black & white might be the cutest comment ever.
And, I want my girls to stay innocent forever also.

threemoonbabies said...

so cute!

Laura said...

keep writing them down...

Trish said...

so sweet!

with a serious voice and some concern for how mad i was (cause she spilled a bottle of nail polish) she says...
"mr. mom can you cover up my finger squares?"

Natalie said...

That is too cute, keep a journal of all the cuteness!...I remember asking my dad the same question about the wizard of Oz when I was little :)

Aurora said...

Oh, those are so sweet and funny!