Friday, October 2, 2009

two BIRTH days and a birthday!

Remember this dress? The one that was meant for a baby shower gift?
Well, my friend Lindsey went ahead and had her baby before I had the nerve to attempt shirring. Which was silly, because shirring COULDN'T BE EASIER!

So here it is, ready to be shipped off to 13-day-old baby Marina, in San Diego.
Congrats, Lindsey! I am SO excited for you.
Cute, chunky, 8-pound Marina is baby numero uno for Lindsey!

Just 5 days after Marina was born, baby Sarah arrived!
Also in San Diego.
Also a healthy 8-pounder.
Sarah is baby number FOUR for my good friend from high school, Kandice.
Kandice & I have been pregnant together, and it's so hard to believe how much her other kids have grown since I've moved away.
Kandice, lots of goodies are on their way for you, too!

I can't wait to see these babies in person!!

Baby Sarah happens to share a birthday with my stepdad, John!

{aka Juan}
{aka Gramps}
{high school teacher}
{football coach}
{surf dude}
{lover of good cheese, margaritas, and atlases}

The best part about having such a young and hip stepdad is that he keeps my husband so well entertained! Hanging out with John, Kevin can't figure out if he's actually with his father-in-law or just a surf buddy! And back off, ladies, my mom will no doubt be reading the comments section.

Happy birthday, John. We're bummed we couldn't be there this year! Hopefully we can make it up to you with a good quality map.
September... great month for birthdays.


Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

i want to shir. or have you do it for me.
i was in encinitas today.. did you live there? trying to remember. loved it. want to move. that or newton. it's a toss up.

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

oh, and tell lindsey, miss private blog congrats and I love, love, love the name marina!!!!

B.jane said...

Love the dress!!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Love the dress! The fabrics are beautiful!! Congrats to the new mamas and happy birthday to your stepdad!

mel said...

I love that dress. LOVE it. I will take one in size 12 months & 2T. And, September is a GREAT month to have babies!

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I cannot believe how beautiful that dress is, only I can because everything you make is beautiful! Marina is so lucky as am I to have such a special friend. I can't wait to dress her up!

ShoozieShoes said...

Gorgeous dress, colors & stepdad ;-)

Mimi said...

Thanks Heather-
Your super cool.

Sarah said...

Turned out great:)

kkmom said...

Awww thanks! I can't wait to see what your wonderful creations will be!
I didn't know that, that was John's bday! At least I know she will be good natured, if the sign has anything to do with it!
I can't wait for you to meet Sarah! The older kids need to get together too! I am sure Chloe and Em don't even remember each other!
Love ya and miss having you close by.

Aurora said...

The dress turned out SO cute! I've ordered that pattern and can't wait to make one for Avery! :) BTW...the name Marina is very cute!

Danielle said...

The dress turned out so cute. Great job! Wanna teach me sometime? ;)