Wednesday, September 30, 2009

not in Kansas anymore.

I already know I'm a nerd, you don't have to remind me.
But I'm entitled to that reference based on the fact that The Wizard of Oz plays in our house every single day.

Kansas was aMAZing. The trip of a lifetime.

Julie (and Janey), Sarah, and I met in Dallas Friday afternoon and together we flew in to Wichita. Megan was waiting for us!

How lucky did we get to be in town the same weekend of the famous Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair?! Our first stop was Megan's friend, Carolyn's. She lives right by the craft fair location, and we wanted to be up bright & early, so we stayed the night there.

The scenery was incredible. My blog friends even got to experience a touch of my travelling-induced anxiety on the drive to Hillsboro. Not embarrassing at all.

Carolyn was so welcoming. Megan's mom and sister were there to greet us, too! We stayed in the cool bunkhouse (a big basket of goodies awaited us!), which is actually bigger than my whole house. I stood just outside the bunkhouse and rotated all the way around while snapping pictures:

Can you imagine waking up to these views each morning? Well, if you live in the mid-west, I guess you can. It was culture shock for a California girl.

Saturday the real fun began. Craft fair shopping with your husband and kids is a nightmare. But with your fellow crafty bloggers? That's a different story.

Janey fit right in!

How's this for a fun group?

Over just 3 days I got to meet in person:


and many more,
not to mention all of their wonderful families!

According to Camden, I was going to Kansas to see Dorothy.
This was as close as I got.

In addition to the craft fair we hit up antique shops, barn sales,
and even a vintage soiree!
Let's just say we wished we'd driven a U-Haul! SO many treasures!

This one's for Chayse, who told me to say hi to the Tin Man.

We antiqued literally until sunset.

For dinner, we headed to Megan's where we met back up with Jess, her sister, Ann, and mom, Kathy. We had so much fun making enchiladas, getting to know each other, and talking fabric & sewing machines that we didn't eat til almost 10! Nobody minded.

Megan's house is even more beautiful than we expected.

And this was probably the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in! I am not a good sleeper, but two nights in this bed did wonders for insomnia.

Sunday was so bittersweet, with Cora's Playground dedication.
We loved Grace Community Church.

We were invited the Macs' big family dinner at Jess' parents house, following the dedication. Everybody was SO nice! The food was great. The men watched football while the ladies invaded Kathy's sewing room, aka the Cora's workshop. We ooh'd and ahh'd over all of their great dresses, and Kathy even sent us home with some for our girls... after demonstrating her serger skills, that is!
(PS- I need a serger.)

It was an unforgettable night, remembering Cora.
God brought us together, and I am so thankful for new friends.

Monday morning we woke up to rain, and our plane awaited. We couldn't leave town, however, without a visit to Sugar Sisters for breakfast!

Now take a look at what's peeking up from behind the apron in that sign, and don't say you weren't warned once you step inside.

A quick stop for cupcakes, quiche, and coffee. We even had some yummy cupcakes boxed to go! Mine barely survived the journey home. They were squished, but DELICIOUS!

Oh, can you see it? That's right, zero in on the salted caramel cupcakes. Yep, right behind them. Click to enlarge if you have to. That Sugar Sister had no shame! But what a baker.

Megan, I can't thank you enough. Craig and the kids were awesome for putting up with our invasion. I already want to come back. Here I come...

And speaking of Megan, go give her some birthday love. And see even more of our fun weekend while you're there. Just don't compare our photos. She is amazing!


Katie said...

looks like you guys had a fabulous time!!!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Looks like an awesome time!! How fun to meet all those great ladies in person!

Tegan and Tage said...

Looks like such a great trip. I'm so jealous of all that antiquing!!!

meg duerksen said...

it was so fun having you here! i felt like i made a new friend for life. what a blessing to all of us that you made that trip! i loved hosting and showing you our little community.
we joked today at SS when the cleavage was busting out again that she was going to say "THESE are the real sugar sisters!" ha!
man that was a good cupcake!
really was my pleasure having you. i am so glad you were comfy and had a blast. that barn sale was the bomb!!!!

mel said...

I have been waiting for the Kansas re-cap, so glad shared! What a fun trip for such an awesome cause.So neat you got to meet all those girls! They need to come to Cali next, but the traffic might scare them. I want one of those salted caramel cupcakes, like right now. I am drooling!

PamperingBeki said...

How funny to me that I'd *just* barely met all of you, yet I immediately snagged Julie's baby! I love me some baby chunk.

Fun pictures Heather!!

Polka Dot Moon said...

What an amazing opportunity to meet up with blog friends, new friends and be there for the Macs.

Once in a lifetime!! Fabulous pictures :)

Sherryl said...

You ladies look great - and had such a fun time! Love the pics - thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend!

Amanda said...

great post Heather! It's so fun to read about your stay here from YOUR perspective. Loved meeting you and getting just a bit to chat at the dinner. So when are we all going to meet again????

Kasey said...

i'm actually a bit jealous...

Christine said...

isn't it amazing how you can meet someone for the first time and then feel like you could be friends forever!? i've maybe experienced that once or twice at a retreat or conference (can't remember).You seem like a very warm spirited person...glad you had a wonderful time.
thanks for sharing on your blog. :)

Sarah said...

So glad we got to meet!
You summed up the weekend so well...
I haven't posted because I couldn't figure out how to sum it up in one or two posts.
Great pictures too!

Mimi said...

so strange to read all the comments that have you referred to as one of the "ladies" or as Camden would say "yadies".....
how did this happen? aren't you still 5?
xo, Mom

jamie said...

Awww... what fun! Love all the old chairs & things! Looking at the cupcakes, I thought of a button that I need for my blog... "blogging made me fat!" I think I have gained 10 lbs since I really got into the blogging world... lol:)

Laura said...

I am paralyzed with jealousy.
Insane jealousy.
All of my favorite blogging women
at a craft fair
I am so jealous I feel like I am going to throw up

Laura said...

I think that Sugar Sister stores her buttercram in her BREASTS!

Mindy M. Harris said...

Heather, it was awesome to meet you at Cora's playground dedication and I have since enjoyed your blog so much! Your wedding pictures are phenomenal. Such style.

Amy J said...

How fun to find your blog! I'm a Hillsboro, KS dweller (yeah!) I was quite surprised to happen upon your post and see people and places I know! We (my husband and I) are good friends of Joel and Jess... Nice to meet you via your blog :) Blessings!