Sunday, August 16, 2009

what a weekend.

Here's hoping once I shut this thing off to move it,
service will successfully resume soon!

I would write about our big move this weekend, but my fingers are too tired.


So much for this.

Thanks so much, everyone, for the well wishes for a 'smooth move.'

It's been crazy.
But good!


Lindsey said...

I did not know you were moving. Hope the move went/goes well and that you are all happily settled soon. Are you in the same town?

Danielle said...

Eww, moving is no fun. I'm sure you'll have a ton of fun decorating the new place though! I'm so excited for you guys (and for Bobby & Amanda!) It'll be my turn in a few weeks.

Aurora said...

Where did you all move??

Laura said...

Moving to LA by any chance? Sure hope so!

kkmom said...

moving? What?!

mel said...

hope the move went smoothly! Do you have internet yet? You haven't posted in a few days, hope everything is okay!

FrappsNScrapps said...

Oh boy.. Moving? Must be The Year as I know so many have moved.. Staying in same area ???