Monday, July 27, 2009

All Natural

Here's a fun and free way to spend a nice, summer day.

First, take a nature hike in the morning. Give each kid a big bucket, and walk, (up and down the creek for us) collecting pine cones, cool rocks, branches, feathers, berries, etc.

Have a nature picnic for lunch (with goodies you packed up to bring along). Remind your kids of the impotance of eating the rainbow every single day (not this rainbow), and that the greatest fuel for your body is grown from the ground & best eaten raw.

Next, head home and re-energize with a nap.

Finally, have some fun and make good use of all of the collected items. Our ideas included making a nature collage on a piece of spare particle board we had laying around, and creating bird feeders by slapping some natural peanut butter & birdseed on the bigger pine cones, then hanging from the trees.

Good old-fashioned, all natural, (did I mention free?) FUN!


Lindsey said...

Free fun is the best! I am taking note of all your great ideas for when Marina is a little older. That rainbow looks delicioso!

Tegan and Tage said...

Mmm... looks yummy! I'll take that rainbow over the cake-variety ANY day. :)

Laura said...

WE ARE EATING THE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!! Funny...just saw the pediatrician and told her about Belles sweet tooth..she mentioned she try eating the rainbow! I just showed t his picture to Belle..she said, "Oh! I want to eat THAT rainbow!"

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Looks like a fun day!