Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Joy's Hope is one of the first crafty blogs I ever fell in love with, and is still one of my favorite favorite reads of the day. I think you'll agree, Julie is awesome. Actually she left the very first comment on my blog, after I suggested a paint color for her cute girls' room.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I blog-hopped my way over for a daily dose of inspiration, only to find an entire post dedicated to me. Wow. I love the blogosphere, and how it brings you together with the best people- who share so many of your interests, those you never would have met otherwise.

Julie has inspired me to do so much, including teaching myself to sew and organizing the Cora project, to name just a couple. If you haven't already (you must live under a rock), go visit Joy's Hope!


Sherryl said...

I am so with you on Julie! You are BOTH AWESOME!

mel said...

I have been following Julie's blog since last summer, i Love it! Love the prints you made her girls, so cute! Glad she linked your blog,it has been fun to read! You are so creative!
And, on a side note....we are practically neighbors..I live in D-Ville & I know exactly what soft serve place you are talking about in P-Town...also my favorite! :)

PamperingBeki said...

Julie is amazing, but so are YOU Heather!!! You blew me away with the organization of the Cora project.