Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Camden's Cupcakes

I have every intention of posting my Cookie Monday recipe each Monday. But let's face it, most of the time, we bake after dinner, and by that time I'm lucky if I get the kitchen cleaned up before bed. And am I the only one who was completely riveted by the educational gem of a show that is The Bachelorette? Who has time for blogging when you're exercising your brain? So here it is Tuesday...

Yesterday's baking recipe (not exactly cookies) was inspired by Camden. As we shared a bowl of cherry tomatoes for lunch, watching Martha demonstrate her new Triple Citrus Cupcake recipe, Stinky proclaimed:


And so it was decided. After all, Martha said herself, "See, it only took me 5 minutes to get these in the oven." Wow, Martha, can you please let me know where to get pre-measured ingredients in those cute little bowls (including 9 zested citrus fruits), so that I, too, can make homemade cupcakes in record time?

She had her mixer going, adjusting the speed accordingly, right along with me. I wish my KitchenAid was that color! We made a third of the recipe, yielding 9 cupcakes.

Delicious turnout... but you must really love citrus. Kevin wouldn't go near them. Oh, he loves citrus alright... in the form of mojitos, margaritas, & mimosas, that is. CamCam and I (the only ones still up at this point) prefer ours via yummy cupcakes.


Mimi said...

scrolling down slowing - I thought I was looking at you as a 2 year old for a second!
xo, Mom

kkmom said...

mmm, I love citrus too!

Tegan and Tage said...

Those do look delicious... and I do love citrus... good thing I didn't find that recipe while I was still pregnant!

mel said...

yum! I love citrus! those sound great. And, I also get sucked into the Bachelor/Bachelorette every.single.season. LOVE IT.

Jaime said...

I love that you made 1/3 of a batch. Teaching your children fractions at a young age! That will make my job as a math teacher easier, thank you.

Denise said...

you have a darling blog. i enjoyed reading your about me, so fun!

i watched the bachelorette. ssshh, don't tell anyone :-)
i would've enjoyed the bachelorette even more had i been drinking a citrus flavored mojito while having one of these yummy cupcakes.