Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Break: Days 5 & 6

DAY 5:

The majority of our last full day in SD was spent at the Yacht Club swimming with Reese, Lansing & Finley. It was the perfect balance between relaxing & fun; a great way to end the trip. Thanks, Heidi and Gregg, for letting us take advantage of your membership!

DAY 6:

Kevin always drives the entire way home, which I love because I can actually sleep from 4 to 7 am. We made it over the Grapevine and stopped for breakfast at Starbucks, which was much healthier than it sounds. Plain oatmeal with nuts, yogurt & berry parfaits, and Odwalla. Beats disgusting McDonalds any day! Well, another hour up the 5, and a mysterious indicator light suddenly illuminates. I scramble to find the owner's manual (remember, we're in a rental), and Kevin slows down a little, pulling to the right lane, just in time for a major tire blowout.

All of our disorganized luggage out of the trunk, and onto the dirty freeway shoulder:

Spare tire out:
(*Note the bare feet. Kevin and I are sctrictly flip-flop wearers. We brought just one pair each. We both managed to lose them on the last day. Luckily, we're totally cool barefoot, too. No big deal just for a car ride, right? So we thought.)

Handy husband fixes the problem in no time:

Traveling a whopping 50 mph on our spare, I finally found the right section in the manual.

"Would it be helpful if I told you that warning light indicates low tire pressure?"

Yeah, maybe if it came on more than 5 seconds before the tire was ripped to shreds. Roadside assistance was useless, and we ended up being sent on a scavenger hunt, until finding the most ghetto tire shop ever, in the middle of nowhere:

Well, it was a good thing we did, because there's no way the donut would have made it the 200 miles back to the Bay. $160 and 2 hours later, we were happily back on the road. Camden summed up the whole experience perfectly:

Another awesome San Diego trip, thanks to Mom (Mimi) and John (Gramps). And after almost 12 hours in the car, home sweet home felt soooo good!


Katie said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! I would love to visit CA one day!!

Merrick said...

I wonder if my car has a low tire pressure alert...but probably, like in your case, I wouldn't know what it meant until it was too late.

Great pictures, by the way. Your kids are adorable.

Tegan and Tage said...

That is an adventure for sure. Always with a positive attitude. And the flip flop thing cracked me up! Of COURSE you and Kevin would both lose them on the same day. :P

Lindsey said...

My favorite pictures are those of the kids all sitting together like a little club. They are so cute and seem like good buddies.

It is such a perfect SD day today! I went and bought some flowers to pot to celebrate. Hope your day is sunny too!