Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Break: Days 1 & 2

Here's how we do So-Cal road trips:

1. Rent a car with great gas mileage. (why put the mileage, mess, wear & tear on our own cars?)
2. Load rental car with stocked cooler, good music, and plenty of cozy pillows & blankies.
3. Mom & kids depart at the beginning of the week, around 3:30 am.
4. Dad works half-way through the week, then flies down to join the family.
5. Everyone drives home together at the week's end.

(We are professionals at this process.)


Here, you see our early-morning departure: Thumbs-up all the way around!

Six hours, just one potty break, and your typical LA traffic later, we arrive in Anaheim for a surprise lunch at Downtown Disney's Rainforest Cafe.

I was a little skeptical about the potty situation this year, Camden being potty-trained, but we were happily issue-free!

These kids LOVE animals, so I thought what better place for a pit-stop? We hadn't been since Chloe was 5, Chayse 1, and Camden in my belly. All was very well.

The lights dimmed, fake thunder set in, and just over our shoulders a giant robotic gorilla began doing his thing.

In an instant, Camden went from this...

To this. Immediately followed by jumping onto my lap, and spending the remainder of our lunch hiding under a blanket and repeating "I don't yyyike that monkey!"

Even Chloe was unsure of the environment. She suggested to Chayse that the gorilla might come to life.

The gift shop seemed to ease their nerves. They love animals, but they are OBSESSED with the stuffed variety.


Lego store!

They raided the bulk bins like it was a candy shop.

Quick ESPN Zone shot for Daddy.

A Disney afternoon, then a straight shot to my mom's (aka Mimi & Gramps') in Point Loma for some much needed rest.

The San Diego weather didn't start out as bright & sunny as we had planned, so the kids and I spent the day stocking up at Trader Joe's, browsing the kids' section at Ikea, and eatin' pizza for lunch, while Mimi & Gramps were at work.

Later, Camden helped Gramps give Skipper a bath. CamCam & Skip have a love/hate relationship.

Then it was dinner out, complete with balloon animals.
Mimi & Gramps took the rest of the week off, with lots of fun activities planned...


Tegan and Tage said...

Yours and the kids' outfits are color-coordinated. You are too much. :)

Lindsey said...

I love road trips! We are so excited to begin our own family road trips up to Whidbey Island. I will have to get some more tips from you - the kids look completely thrilled with the adventure!