Friday, April 24, 2009

donuts & impulse control

Ssshh! Don't tell anyone, but occasionally Camden and I stop for donuts on Friday mornings, after dropping the big kids off at school. I learned very early on in one of many early childhood development classes that many two- and three-year-olds still lack the skills necessary to physically control their impulses. I have seen this theory proven time and time again, both teaching preschool, and with my own kids.

So this morning, as we headed back to the car- two rainbow sprinkled donuts held in a clear plastic bag- I thought it would be fun to experiment with camden's own impulse control, using the sugary breakfast treats as bait. I told her she could hold the bag, but may NOT take a bite until we got home. (Bear in mind the trip home is approximately 20-30 seconds.) I didn't even glance in the rear-view mirror, because I wanted the results to be a surprise.

Guess what? She maintained control! (Kind of.) I opened her door to find her right arm elbow deep in the bag, hand clutching a donut. No nibbles. But between the donut piece, bowl of yogurt, and sliced strawberries she was soon served, I bet you can guess which disappeared first... quickly followed by "Jelly beans, peeeease?" Leave it to Stinky.

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Lindsey said...

Stinky is a girl after my own heart! I have been in a bit of a sugar-craving mode for a few days. I have not given in but today I broke down and hit the bakery section of the grocery. And now I want a donut. Jelly-filled.