Monday, March 2, 2009

sharing the love.

I'm so excited to be featured here today! You've heard me rave about sarah & abraham again and again. Having a major weakness for silhouettes, I was so excited to discover her on Etsy last year! I love Sara's classic, simple designs, and have gone back to her repeatedly for everything from 8 x 10 prints, to party invites, to favor stickers, to business cards! She always puts in so much effort to work with me, turning my ideas into the perfect design, and the turnaround time is amazing! Sara even offered some of her images to the creation of the Cora button (and, by the way, has donated $500 in proceeds from the benefit sale to The Cora Playground!). So head over to her blog or website, and you too may quickly fall in love!

PS- Another one of my very favorite talented artists- Sally, from Polka Dot Market- is currently working on a special birthday outfit for CamCam, to coordinate with Sara's cute invites! Stay tuned for more on a very pink & girly Horton party!

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little wash wash said...

Congrats on being featured!! Your bug themed party looked really cute can't wait to see Camdens Hortons party and the outfit!!