Saturday, March 28, 2009

a rip-off & a bargain

The girls and I took an impromptu mall trip today. Ever since Camden laid eyes on the 2007 picture, she has been begging to "sit on the Easter Bunny's lap." Must have been Chayse's jovial expression that was so inviting.
The poor furry guy does not seem to be too popular among young mall-goers. He practically jumped out in front of us as we strolled by, waving us in. No line. Just many terrified-looking children keeping their distance.
Camden quickly began to re-think her desire to meet the over sized creature.

Chloe looks to have warmed up after two years. Stinky finally agreed to get frighteningly close just long enough to snap this photo.

This $17 poor-quality photo.

Pottery Barn Kids happened to be having a floor model furniture sale. They had a green little farmhouse chair, originally $70.
Marked down to $48.
Minus a $30 PB credit.
Thus a price I couldn't possibly refuse.

An $18 high-quality kids' chair.

You win some; you lose some.

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