Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Return of Ice Cream Sunday!

Tonight was Kevin's first softball game of the season! This year two of his brothers- Bobby and Ryan- are on the team, which is sponsored by their dad (aka Papa). They're known as 'On the Rocks', in reference to the family monument business. Of course the kids and I drove through The Dairy on the way to the game, picking up three strawberry/vanilla swirl cones. We love how the warmer weather entails more Dairy trips. The best soft-serve ever!

The brothers welcomed lots of fans in the stands. It was a great first game, resulting in a WIN! I must admit I spent more time chasing three kids around the Sports Park, ensuring no one choked on a Ring Pop, than actually watching the game. Those days are long gone.

Summer Sundays are the best, but the Spring ones aren't so bad either.


Katie said...

My husband has started his softball practice!! What a blast it is to have something to do in the summer that does not cost money!!! Thankfully I don't have to chase the kids... I love watching the game!!

Mimi said...

Gramps just started his season too!