Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Treats II

Hugs & Kisses Parfaits
These treats were for
Chayse's class Valentine party.

I layered: vanilla & berry yogurts and sliced strawberries,
then topped with: fresh {lightly sweetened}
whipped cream,
and finished with: X & O Trader Joe's cinnamon ABC cookies
& heart sprinkles.


Sarah said...

Those are fantastic!
great job!

kkmom said...

Cute idea!

kat said...

What a fabulous and delicious idea!!!

Kate said...

those are cute!! Happy

creativecarryout said...

Really cute idea! I have to know how many boxes of cookies you had to use to find all enough Xs and Os...
This is a very adorable treat, and one the kids could help with.

Heather said...

LOL! I was worried about that,too, but it only took two tubs of cookies to find enough :)

Colleen said...

These are so cute! We aren't allowed to bring homemade treats to my sons nursery school. I'm envious that you get to make such charming treats!