Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still in my jammies.

Following yesterday's Storque article (Etsy's blog), there has been an overwheming reponse by more Etsians wanting to participate in the Cora benefit... almost 50 more! This brings our total number of amazing sellers to around 130!

The sale is still in full swing, as we have decided to make the big group donation on Cora's birthday, March 5th.

I took the past two days off from my organization duties to prep for my first catering gig on thursday night (for 500), and a dinner party at our house last night (for 4). Two successful, fun, dramatically different events!

This morning my inbox was full of participation inquiries, and I have been busy sifting through comments, convos, and emails, ensuring nobody falls through the cracks. Please support the Cora Benefit Sale by spreading the word. New items are being added by the minute!

You can even shop in your jammies.


little wash wash said...

You are catering for 500...oh my gosh!! I'm sure you will do well. Good Luck!! Tell us how it went. Is it for a wedding?
Didn't know you did catering. Your recipes on Mondays always look good though.

coraannedesigns said...

Thanks for all your work on this benefit, it is amazing! Let me know if I can help you in any way!

Tegan and Tage said...

We need to set up a weekly phone call or something so I can stay on top of what's going on with you! Catering? Good for you!!! Remember to take time to take care of you too. :)

Shimmermeblue said...

That's amazing! I just covo'd you. I listed something for her playground. :)