Sunday, February 15, 2009

please join us.

We could never have imagined how this little girl could have affected our lives. When we complain "times are so tough," Cora helps remind us what truly matters.

We could never have guessed so many could come together, many who have never even met the McClenahans, in an amazing movement to honor Cora's memory.

And now, we- a group of over fifty
talented, generous artisans- request that you
please join us here tomorrow to help support the building of
The Cora Playground

Spread the word. Let this be bigger than
anything from our wildest dreams!
For Cora Paige.


Tangee said...

You are so right about how her story changes our perspective on things. My heart breaks for her family and I'm just so glad I can do a little something in her honor.

Tangee said...

You are so right about how Cora's story gives us a new perspective on things. Thank you for putting this out there in blogland.