Friday, February 13, 2009

The Cora Playground Treasury

We now have an Etsy Treasury, featuring just a handful of the incredible handmade goodness, created in Cora's honor. The goal is to make it to Etsy's home page, spreading the word as much as we can!

Please stop by Etsy (Treasury page is here), sign in, and leave a quick comment.

Thanks, Etsians, for all of your support! We are currently working on a compilation of participating sellers.


Kate said...

I really hope we make it to the front page!! How awesome that would be!!

Julie said...

I grabbed the button--so cute. Thank you SO much for loving Joel and Jess and promoting Cora's Playground. I am amazed by how many people are coming together. Cora is special little girl!

Julie said...

I forgot to mention that I love your blog! I read through part of it and plan to look through it some more. :-)