Friday, January 23, 2009


Anxiety runs in my family. Chloe, sadly, already exhibits the signs of this, frequently internalizing her feelings. She had a tough time this week, with a 3-day stomach ache, coming home with a full lunch box each day. Unable to pinpoint where this was coming from, last night as I tucked her in bed, I asked if it had anything to do with Ava being on vacation. The stress began exploding out of her. Recalling this, one of my favorite Nie posts, I knew how I was going to handle things. NieNie provides the type of inspiration that makes you strive to be the best mother you can be.

So what would Nie do?

Chloe is staying home from school today.

We'll stay in our jammies, bake, paint our nails, play boardgames, giggle, and maybe even talk about stress management.

Because a seven-year-old is too young for anxiety.


kkmom said...

That is a great idea, and a great way for Chloe to realize how to destress and change her anxiety ( pampering herself, taking her self out of the situation that she is fearing)... Also it is great that you are catching this early in her life, so she will know how to deal with this in a healthful way when she is out on her own. What a great mom!

Michell Page Morgan said...

You are a Great Mom! It is the little things in life that truly count. I think nothing sometimes of Pulling Kels out of school to do something fun or take a trip..Life is Too short and too many problems in it to not just enjoy a day of nothingness and US. That is all they want is our time and love. Doesnt even have to do with money huh. Good job mama bear! Love ya lots and so fun to always see what you and Kk are doing as young mom's ..LOVE YOU GUYS

Lindsey said...

That is EXACTLY what Nie would do! Well done, Heather. I hope you two have had a perfect day.