Sunday, January 4, 2009

SuperHealth: Week 1

The first three chapters have been read; the fridge is stocked; the fruit bowl is overflowing. Tomorrow Kevin and I begin our quest for SuperHealth. I've decided to kick off each week with a summary of what I've learned from the book, preparing myself for the week to come. It's a six step program, aimed at making SuperHealth a habit indefinitely.

Week 1 focuses on the emerging theory that we can control the way our genes work through nutrients- turning on "good" genes and turning off "bad" genes by eating specific gene-nurturing foods- helping to prevent genetically "destined" diseases, and thus increasing longevity. This entails acheiving the right ratio of omega-3 fatty acids to omega-6 fatty acids. A healthy diet should contain no more than two or three times more omega-6s than omega-3s, but among our fast food and packaged food obsessed society, the ratio is unfortunately way unbalanced for typical Americans. An unbalanced ratio of fatty acids can alter gene-nutrient interactions, increasing the risk of developing inherited chronic disease. SuperFoods and SuperNutrients, together with healthy fat ratios, provide an environment in the body to optimize the expression of good genes and suppress the expression of bad genes.

Chapter three shows us exactly how to achieve proper fat ratios, through fish sources (like wild salmon), plant sources (such as walnuts and soy), and nutrients (including vitamin D). The goal is to incorporate the suggested foods into the basic SuperFoods diet, customizing to meet each individual's needs. Kevin and I will also be using this week as a "detox," cutting out all processed foods, alcohol (besides the occasional glass of red wine, included as a suggested food this week), and animal protein with the exception of fish and DHA-fortified eggs. Yes, there will be an abundance of quinoa and spinach consumed in the coming days.

In addition to the dietary changes this week, we're going to ease into an excercise routine (suggested exercises begin in Week 3 of the book), by doing some extra walking, limiting media {keeping in mind, of course, that a new Bachelor premieres tomorrow night}, and aiming for no less than seven hours of sleep per night {uninterrupted would be great!}.

Did I mention we're spending our {very belated} honeymoon in Hawaii in October?! We should take some 'before' shots!


kkmom said...

Sounds good... I will be waiting to read what is learned each week, and hopefully join the bandwagon to good health ( not that mine is bad... weight wise, yes)

Mimi said...

I hope you will post some recipes...