Monday, January 5, 2009

Cookie Monday

What a great day of nutritious, delicious choices! From the oatmeal with flax seed to the salmon stir-fry, Kevin and I strictly stuck to our plan- enjoying most of it- and are now sitting down to a small glass of Cabernet and a square or two of organic 73% dark chocolate. {Warm mugs of lemon water to follow, then it's off to our seven-hour slumber.}

In lieu of cookie baking today {way too tempting during detox week}, and in honor of the SuperHealth kick-off, I thought I'd share's recipe resource page {Cinnamon Oatmeal Apricot Cookies pictured above}. I will be testing these recipes, in addition to the ones offered in the book, and I'll be sure to pass on the good ones.


Chell said...

Hi Heather. Thanks for inviting me. I had a quick question. After obtaining and reading all 3 books.. should I start with Book one or can I fast forward and get the Newest one out and go from there ..backward? What would you suggest.. Coz I need to CLEAN MY CUPBOARDS now while they are pretty bare anyhow LOL

kkmom said...

I have not read the third book... but the book you have "diet" one would prob be a good start on changing the way you eat etc. Esp. since we need to introduce more of the foods to our diet.
There were more superfoods added to the second book as well.
It is a challenge I have been trying to do it, I am going to be realistic though and start with adding the foods and getting off the packaged stuff.

Heather said...

Yeah, I would go with 'Diet' or 'SuperHealth'. The first two are great, but don't really offer a plan for weight loss. They are more of an in-depth look at each of the foods, and the other books give you basic summaries of the foods, with menu and exercise plans. You could always start with one of the newer books, then go back to the old ones to learn more about the foods.

Tegan and Tage said...

Hmmm... I remember you reading the first book. I will definitely need to check these out. I wonder if Amazon can get them to me before my day of flying to Sacramento next Wednesday!