Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catastrophe on Ice Cream Sunday!

Number of casualties
yet to be determined,
estimated in the dozens

Earlier tonight as Kevin and I were clearing the table and starting dishes, Chayse- who was playing with Camden in his room- began screaming hysterically. Chloe was first on the scene and immediately reacted with identical blood-curdling screams. Positive there would actually be blood involved, we rushed in only to find Chayse gripping an empty sea monkey container, and Chloe pacing in circles around the puddle on the carpet, sobbing and repeating, "our sea monkeys!!!!" Yes, our family of microscopic creatures that we had so carefully raised from a powder state have been tragically sucked into the carpet fibers, never to be seen again {you know that creepy crawly feeling you get when you see a bunch of ants... yeah, it's kinda like that}. Upon careful examination with a flashlight once things calmed down a little, we found a tiny puddle of water on the lid to a plastic toy container, containing a single struggling sea monkey that looked much like a fish out of water. So we acted fast, scooping him up with a plastic spoon and returning him to his home.
Guess what we named him?

Our sole survivor.
{Swimming slightly crooked, but alive.}

What better to ease the trauma
{and believe me- our kids were traumatized}
than ice cream sundaes?!

Thank goodness we're getting new carpet in a few weeks.

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Auntie Sis said...

Good grief...I laughed so hard, I cried (please do not tell the kids). I am so glad that Nemo made it!