Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bug Party in the Park!

Grasshoppers & Beetles, Ladybugs & Worms,
Nets & Jars, Everything that Squirms!
Chayse is my name &
Buggin' Out is the Game!
Come to my party... Soon I'll be 4!

We'll have so much fun,
the park is ours to explore!

{The Birthday Boy!}

{Kids' Activity Table}

{Buggy Bites}

{Chayse helps himself to a 'caterpillar' (skewered grapes)}

{'Captured Bugs' Goody Bags...}
*favor stickers by Sarah & Abraham

{...filled with gummy Creepy Crawlies}

{Painting Rock Bugs}

*shirt by Polka Dot Market

{Chloe & Ava}


{Ready for the Bug Hunt...}

{...led by Daddy}

{Happy Birthday to you...}

{Mommy dishes the Dirt Cake}

{Sugar Buzzzzzzzz...}


little wash wash said...

How cute did your party look!!! Cute "buggie" food. Your very creative. I hope I can be as creative when my little gets older. Good Job!!

Mimi said...

You need to send to Martha!
She needs you on her staff!!

Lindsey said...

And the Mother of the Year award goes to...

:) You are awesome.

Julie said...

Best. Party. Ever. How do you do it. Amazing. I am going to brainwash my little one into liking bugs starting tonight. Hopefully by March when her bday rolls around we can copy this party 100%!

Definitely, Maybe... said...

I love all the attention to detail you put into this party! Very cute!

hillary said...

I LOVE your bug party & I want to do one just like yours for my little guy's 4th. Would you mind telling me where you found the plastic bugs? And you seriously do need to send your stuff to Martha! :) Thanks! jhdivis(at)gmail(dot)com

Vanessa said...

What a great party! Love the cupcakes.

Cute Party Ideas said...

What a lucky little love bug!

Love to BUG you on this one: we're linking your buggy party to our kids party ideas. The bug party food is particularly adorable.

Jessica said...

Love this bug party! I am throwing one this weekend for my twin boys and wanted to ask what your bowtie pasta salad recipe was? It looks so YUMMY!