Monday, December 1, 2008


With such a big family,

Thanksgiving is always a four-day celebration for us...

Thanksgiving Day: We visited, feasted, and exchanged stories of our favorite holiday memories. Four Generations: Auntie Amanda, Grams, Gramma,
Auntie Sis, & Ryann

Chlo-Bo & Adam

Turkey Coma
Friday (Thanksgiving II): After indulging in way too much food, yet again, we had a tear-inducing twist on the usual "What are you thankful for?" The kids mixed up and passed out handmade place cards. Each person was responsible for writing why they were thankful for the person who's card they received, on the back of the card. We took turns reading them aloud and laughing {and crying}.
Four Crazy Brothers, Three Sisters-in-Law, One Visiting Sis
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

We already took the funny face shot, Kevin. {Poor Guy!}

***Since we were unable to spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family this year, I thought I'd randomly post a tidbit of this year's Palm Springs Mothers Day Girls' Weekend, for which I am very thankful. {Just my mom, sisters, and me. No husbands. No kids.}

Mom & Holly

Hannah & me

Saturday: Santa Visit
Ho, Ho, Ho!

"I want an American Girl doll"

"I want a rocket ship."

"I want another candy cane."

All Four Cousins!

More fun at the farm...

Sunday: Goodbye, November.
A day of anticipation and relaxation:
*Sadly bid farewell to Jenn & Ryann, until next Spring
*Set up Pa's Christmas trains (hours of entertainment!)
*Came home {sweet home} to enjoy the last day of Fall break
*Opened Christmas boxes and made the traditional advent chain
*Watched 'The Grinch' for the fourth time this week {determining, due to a striking resemblance, Camden's 2009 Halloween costume: Cindy Lou Who}

And so officially begins the Christmas season...

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