Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in my favorite Beach Town

Since some of us didn't make it home for the hoildays this year {my sister Holly, Grandma Barb, plus Kevin, the kids, and myself}, I thought I'd post a peek inside my parents' {Mimi & Gramps} house to enjoy from afar:


Season's Greetings from San Diego!


kkmom said...

And we wonder where you get your knack from?! Hey Carrie.. can you and Heather come decorate our new place when we move in?! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsey said...

Happy holidays from San Diego indeed! It is beautifully clear and sunny right now but they tell me it is going to start pouring today and continue in to tomorrow. We shall see!

Merry Christmas!

Ali said...

I want to be there right now! What a cozy home. Creativity is genetic!!!

Carree said...

Not only is Creativity Genetic, it ia also Contagious! We all gather inspiration from eachother!!
Merry Christmas!! WE MISS YOU!!!
XO, Mom