Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bug Jar Party Invitations

The theme for Chayse's 4th Birthday Party is "Buggin' Out", as requested by the birthday boy himself. First step of party-planning: Invitations. Here is a step-by-step photo tour of the bug jar invitations I came up with:

Choose card stock (background color, transparent vellum to mimic the look of glass, lid color, leaf color, & bug color) and create templates (you'll need a jar, lid, leaf, & bug). Start with the size of the envelope, so you have a maximum. When you're happy with your shapes:

1. Trace jar shape onto background color. Layer vellum on top, and cut through both layers.

2. Print clever wording & party info onto background color. Scallop edges of vellum sides (not the top or bottom) as close to the edge as possible, to create a little dimension.

3. Trace leaf shape onto leaf color. Cut out (I used pinking shears), and score a "vein" across the leaf, using your handy bone folder or a mechanical pencil with the lead broken off. Adhere to background, using double stick tape and brushed-on craft glue.

4. Trace bug shape onto bug color. Cut out, and adhere to leaf, using brushed-on craft glue. Stick on googly eyes, using tiny drops of craft glue. Use a fine-tip permanent pen to draw on antennae, legs, and a smile. (Alternately, stick on cute bug stickers; I experimented with both methods.)

5. Staple vellum to background twice along the very upper edge. Trace lid shape onto lid color. Cut out, and adhere to the top of the jar, using a thin strip of double stick tape and brushed-on craft glue, covering staples. (The photo doesn't do it justice, but my lid is made of metallic bronze card stock, to look like a real metal lid.)

After you're happy with the first one, it's much more time-efficient to pre-cut all shapes and work assembly line style.

Now for the menu, decor, and favors...
{Great ideas welcome!}


little wash wash said...

I have an idea for a cake. My mom always use to make it (forgot the name though). Get a flower pot..mint chocolate chip ice cream and oreos and chocolate syrup. Layer down smushed oreos w/syrup then the ice cream. Put the smushed oreos on top w/gummy worms coming out of it. Mud cake? Really cute.

Lindsey said...

I am officially nominating you for Mom of the Year. You are amazing!

Happy New Year, Heather! I am happy to have "met" you this past year and look forward to getting to know you better in 2009. Oh...and URS would be lucky to have you! I have seen you food posts and cannot wait to watch you live on the show. :)

Heather said...

Yes... we're definitely having dirt cake!

Mimi said...

Really cute Heather!