Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shame on the Corn Refiner's Association!

One of my favorite portions of the Mama Manifesto blog is called 'Going Granola.' Today, on this topic, they addressed the recent ad campaign promoting the use of high fructose corn syrup. You may have seen these ridiculous commercials that are both misleading to the public and very frustrating to those who are anti-processed foods {like me!}. The Mamas set the record straight in this great post- check it out! Also, Whole Foods Market has a simple guide to sweeteners here, and a list of unacceptable ingredients for food here. Let's stay informed and put an end to the refined madness! How about some organic dried fruit to naturally satisfy that sweet tooth?!


Kristen said...

amen!! and at least you know that when you shop at Whole Foods, HFCS isn't even on the menu!

Tegan and Tage said...

So... I made your Mac & Cheese for dinner on Friday and it was a hit. I used white cheddar and halved the recipe for just the two of us but it was awesome! Thanks for sharing. I hope it's okay if I include a link to it on my blog today. :)

Christian said...

Thanks for those links, I have been wanting to check out the latest ad campaign for HFCS. Do you shop at a regular grocery store? I can't find any bread at my grocery that doesn't have any HFCS, but is still in my price range!? What kind of bread do you buy? Or do you make your own? I am kind of new to the healthy foods thing and am trying harder to feed my family well.