Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Husband Appreciation Day

Last weekend, as I read through comments from bloggers, I found this under my "Invisible Mom" post:



Thinking about these words ever since, and now being ispired by today's Mama Manifesto article, I have decided to take Ali's challenge, and list five things I love about Kevin... five things I am thankful for... today is Husband Appreciation Day. There are a million things I need to do right now, but what could be more important than this? Everyone who knows Kevin knows he is so full of great qualities, which makes it hard to narrow it down. But these are five big ones.

1. He has an incredible work ethic. A serious passion for "working with his hands" and keeping industry in our country, he loves what he does (and loves to share the details of his day with me- do I understand? not usually.) Whenever I talk to him during the day he is so upbeat, simply about being productive. He always does whatever it takes to get the job done, whether it means working until 11pm, or researching challenging aspects after the kids go to sleep. He looks up to his boss, even as a father-figure, striving to become everything he is. Most, importantly, though, he is proud to be sole provider for a family of five, allowing me to play with kids and be crafty all day long.

2. It's not just work that he's passionate about. May it be friends, food, {Bay Area} sports, music, or family, he puts 110% into EVERYTHING he does. There's nothing boring about him. He would go to the end of the earth to help a friend in need. Family comes first; he's constantly giving reference to how great he was raised. When he gets home from working all day, he immediately sweeps up the kids, allowing me to make dinner in peace. Sometimes he doesn't even get his feet all the way in the door. He loves chick flicks, and when I fall asleep watching them, he always wakes me up for a hug at the end, when he's {no doubt} crying like a girl. He's always the butt of the joke (and such a good sport), and ALWAYS the life of the party. This is one of the first things that attracted me to him. There is never a dull moment with Kevin.

3. He always smells great! (and knows it.)

4. He brags about his wife where ever he goes. (I'm not saying I deserve it!) He was so proud of my wedding planning, that when it was
featured on Style Me Pretty, he gave everyone the link, from the grocery store checkers to the bank tellers. He likes to think he's responsible for my start in blogging, as he brought me home an article on "Mommy blogging" last year. (always thinking of me!) And don't come over without expecting him to pull up my latest blog post, or show off my current art projects.

5. He knows exactly how I like my Root Beer Floats: 40% Breyer's Natural Vanilla Ice Cream/ 60% Hansen's Creamy Root Beer, no exceptions.

Kevin makes me a better person.

His brother, Brody, said it best in his toast at our wedding: "Kevin doesn't put on a front for anybody... He's just himself...

Our lives would mean nothing without him."


The Mama's said...

I seriously got teary reading about your love for your hubby and his love for you. You are right, there is nothing better than this, and how different our marriages would be in this country if we praised each other the way we deserve.

Way to go!

I am off to read about this legendary wedding planning. :)


The Mama's said...

And, I did read about that legendary wedding and it makes me wish we were neighbors so that we could throw shin digs together.

What a beautiful day! :)

Julie said...

I so need to do this. His heart would smile...
Anyway, I found my bunk beds on Craigslist. I did a quick search (you are in the Bay Area right?) and found the same ones here:
but my OC prices are cheaper than your NorCal ones. Sorry! Hope it helps!

Julie said...

Oh, and until a few minutes ago I thought that I had the best wedding ever.
Then I go look at yours and realize that you win.
What a glorious day!

Carree said...
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