Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween II

Grown-Up Party*
Senor {Kevin} Tapatio, Heather on the Cob,
Hippie Ryan, Manda the Maid, and Officer Bob
Bostrom's Big Bash or Bust!

Striking Resemblance!
(The 'stache is authentic, folks.)

Tapatio & Corn: like Peanut Butter & Chocolate.
(due to a time crunch- I put off my costume 'til last of course- I was forced to condense down to a half a cob.... this made Senor Tapatio muy contento!)

The dancefloor + Bobby in a size medium costume =

Nothing Spookier!

*for blogging purposes, we'll keep the Grown-Up Party documentation at that... the fun level was just way too high to publish!


Mimi said...

Love the stash Senor Tapatio!

Trish said...

love your little elephant too sweet, and you look great as corn on the cob :) looks like fun

Ali said...

Oh My Sweet Goodness! That is all awesome.

I am speechless.

Uncle Ryan said...

It was a great time.its time that we all go to the city again and have some fun!