Monday, November 17, 2008

Cookie Monday!

Lime Meltaways
Today's cookies are actually an extention of friday's dinner. I just baked off the 2nd half of the dough today, which is partly why they're so great. You can make them ahead, and have the dough on hand in the freezer. Inspired by my friend Kandice, who made a similar cookie last week, I tried another trusty Martha recipe. This one comes from her book, "Martha Stewart's Cookies." I didn't alter it a bit. Anything that calls for a whole tablespoon of vanilla is my kind of recipe! Plus I love all things lime, so I knew this would be a winner.
First, follow Martha's instructions (there's even a video tutorial).

Once your logs of dough are chilled, they're
ready to cut, bake, & sugar!

{Camden's sneaky fingers}

These really do melt in your mouth, hence the name,
and I must warn you: they tend to be addictive!


kkmom said...

mmmmmm, I must try that one... you know us and our lime addiction along with garlic, hehe.

Christian said...

Sounds so good, I am seriously drooling.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for this! We have a lime tree in our backyard that is covered in fruit and I am always on the hunt for new recipes.

The eggplant lasagna I made was a Danny Boone recipe from Food Network. I had some leftovers again for lunch today and it really seems much better a few days later. :)