Monday, November 17, 2008

Camden's Idea of a Great Day

Every monday when her big brother & sister go back to school, Camden feels quite disappointed and lonely. Here is how she consoles herself:

(there's a reason we call her Stinky...
short for StinkER!)

Dried rice & bean recipes a la Mimi.
(Thanks mom, rice grains between your toes
is awesome!)

My button collection makes its way
out of the jar yet again...
Insistent on wearing Chayse's apron!


Dissecting the granola bar in search of
chocolate chips only.

Lovin' on elephants.

Hours of coloring.
(Carpet? Yes. Permanent Ink? Yep!)

Is it naptime yet?!

Two current Camden caveats:
1. (When in the mood and without a big audience) she can now recite the entire alphabet, usually only skipping one or two letters.
2. Every day for the past week or so, after dropping the kids off at school, she insists I sing "Deck the Halls" REPEATEDLY the entire ride home.


kkmom said...

Too cute!

kkmom said...

Hey, where's your cookies? hehe.
Emily and I made sugar cookies ( for girl scouts tomorrow).

Lacey in the Sky said...

She is SO cute :)