Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Highlights

A Birthday Story.
Our Birthday Boy: 31 years of age...

...yet still only five at heart.

I. Friday Night at Fat Cactus
Such a good looking table!

Amanda & me

Brody & Ryan go mobile.

A gift like no other!

Las Vegas

Sean & Kenny

Bobby cleans his plate... and others.

Smile pretty, Jeff!

Brothers... Best Friends.

II. Saturday at Memorial Stadium
University of California, Berkeley

Beautiful day.

Awesome seats.

Go Bears!

Anthony, Katie, Erin & me

Dave brings homegrown apples (among other essentials)...

...the girls enjoy a refreshing mid-game Granny Smith.

Touchdown, Bears!
College Football at its finest.
(Cal beats UCLA 41-20)

III. Sunday at the Sports Park
Kevin hammers a 3-run homer during the
season ending game...
Later our star guns a guy out at home, who's trying to score from second. (Caught by Ryan! Oh, what a duo!)

The fans indulged in birthday blondies, in lieu of
sunday ice cream.

Future Softball Star (just like Dada).

A three-day celebration, made possible by fabulous family & friends, and especially Mimi, who flew from San Diego for a Grandkids' Weekend. (Thanks, Mom!)...

And so begins a new chapter.

I love you, Kevin!


Barb said...

WOW! What a weekend. I'm exhausted just reading about it. Looks like a blast

Uncle Ryan said...

Well I had a great weekend at Kevinpoloza. Hopefully my long lost girlfriend is as constructive and thoughtful as you. I tried that cookie recipe and they came out black and dry what do u think went wrong.