Saturday, October 18, 2008

Camden Kate- Not a Fan of Carousels!

Our little Camden- better known to the world as 'Stinky'- had her very first carousel ride this week. It was our first Pumpkin Patch trip of the season, but not the old fashioned, hay ride/pick-your-own type of place that we love so much. No, this was more of a carnival- no less exciting for the kids, however. So I reluctantly purchased a set of ride tickets, and tried to catch up as they sprinted to the magical spinning horses. Camden not being a fan of oversized stuffed (or any material) animals as it is, I was a little skeptical as she bravely followed in the eager footsteps of her big sister & brother. But she was so excited to be this up-close to wonders she had only been able to enjoy from her window seat in the car each day for the past few weeks. She even had in tow her own horsie (yes, she left the heard of elephants in the car!)- how appropriate!
Slowly we begin... faster... faster... Kevin and I are feeling increasingly dizzy... older siblings jumping for joy... Camden: not so much. And yet, with each rotation of the merry-go-round I beg the onlooking Uncle Bobby & Auntie Amanda for photos. I mean seriously, am I the only one who loves a close-up of the lower-lip cry? Sorry, Stinky! We finally begin coming to a halt... tears stop flowing... lips return to normal... and off she runs, headed for the two-story-high slide, not a care in the world.

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